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Ravino Handcrafted Artisan Pasta is a family owned business designed to create healthy and delicious handcrafted ravioli and pasta.  Our products are a marriage between traditional Italian cooking methods and modern flavors that create a truly one of a kind product.

We set our ravioli apart from other brands by creating a filling composed primarily of fresh, seasonal, local produce.  Cheese is used only to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients, making our product a nutritious choice.

Our pasta is made with all natural ingredients and produced in small batches to ensure quality, flavor and texture, creating a unique dining experience that everyone will enjoy.

Our ravioli are best paired with Ravino Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This cold pressed California olive oil is made with the Arbequina olive imparting a mild flavor that is buttery, fruity, and finishes with a distinctive spiciness.